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Simply Beautiful

Darla Mora brings light to any room, but with a change of her smile, can bring you into the depths of your soul. Where tears and joy meet beauty.

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Height: 5'2" 

Weight: 103

Age Range:28-45

Los Angeles, CA

Natural & Fresh 

Hair: Red (Natural)

Eyes: Blue


Darla Mora began modeling at 14 and soon found herself behind the camera. Her love of photography turned into a love for acting when in her 20's she took her first acting class with June Chandler for Commercial/TV work. Finding herself in the embodiment of acting and improv, Darla knew what she was made for. After raising her children she decided it was time to go all in on her acting career, but as fate would have it, her father was suddenly diagnosed with Cancer and she committed her time to care for him until his passing, becoming a Certified Death Doula along the way. Darla is now back and ready for her next role, charming the audience as a self-assured, caring, woman whose love and passion know no end.


The female lead who is a sharp, empathetic, dedicated, leader, with 

the charm of a chameleon. 

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